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Tournament Times

Time (PST) Format
6:00 AM MP / IMP mini
9:00 AM MP / IMP mini
9:00 AM ACBL MP mini
11:00 AM* IMP mini
11:00 AM* MP mini
11:00 AM ACBL IMP mini
12:30 PM** IMP mini
12:30 PM** MP mini
12:30 PM ACBL IMP mini
2:00 PM MP / IMP mini
2:00 PM ACBL MP / IMP mini
4:00 PM* IMP mini
4:00 PM* MP mini
4:00 PM* ACBL IMP mini
5:30 PM** IMP mini
5:30 PM** MP mini
5:30 PM** ACBL IMP mini
7:00 PM* MP / IMP mini
7:00 PM ACBL IMP mini
8:30 PM** MP / IMP mini
* combo 1, ** combo 2
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OKbridge, Inc. is an online bridge club dedicated to serving the worldwide community of bridge players by providing a fun online game environment, superior software, and excellent service.

OKbridge was originally conceived in 1989 as a way of playing bridge online with partners that were separated by oceans. The first group of players were located in the US and Europe. Following OKbridge’s public release in August 1990, the idea of online bridge caught on with warm reception worldwide. These new players sent OKbridge a steady stream of suggestions — many of which were incorporated into the program.

As members brought in their online friends to play the game, the membership of OKbridge swelled. Due to increasing demands in supporting the online club, OKbridge conducted a survey in 1993 to determine if members would be willing to pay a yearly subscription fee to insure continued upgrades and support of the software, as well as, providing live customer service and other perquisites. The members approved of the idea and commercial OKbridge was launched in 1994.

Today, OKbridge is a true global community of bridge players with members from over 100 countries, making it the world’s largest (and oldest) member-supported online bridge club.

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OKbridge Milestones

1990 Version 1.0 of OKbridge released to the public as freeware.
1992 OKbridge becomes the first online service ever to offer duplicate bridge.
1994 A knockout team tournament was held online involving sixteen teams from four continents.
1994 Commercial OKbridge was launched to 500 enthusiastic users.
1995 Windows version of software introduced.
1997 OKbridge becomes first ever online bridge club to be sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League for the issuance of masterpoints.

First ever online bridge club to offer daily online duplicate tournaments.
1999 OKbridge inaugurates the first annual Internet World Bridge Championships co-sponsored by OKbridge, the American Contract Bridge League, Bridge World Magazine, and the World Bridge Federation.
2000 Introduced OKweb, an easy to use Java-based version of the software that can be played from most web browsers.
2004 OKbridge announces a strategic alliance with Prize Money Bridge Tour, the leading promoter of cash-prize bridge events, to sponsor a series of nationwide
2005 Unveiling of OKplus, a web-based version that works with any browser and runs on any platform while offering improved ease-of-use and advanced functionality.
2006 OKbridge announces strategic alliance and joint marketing agreement with WorldWinnner (FunTechnologies, Inc.) to transition Ebridge members to OKbridge.
2007 OKbridge awards contract to Dell Computers and Cisco Systems, upgrading data center server and firewall architecture.

Expands tournaments with ACBL master points.
2008 OKbridge implements massive infrastructure and network technology upgrade, awards contract for private data center collocation facilities and expands scalability and reliability.
2009 OKbridge releases next generation of OKplus.
2010 OKbridge expands payment options adding Discover and American Express to existing MasterCard and Visa in response to member input and request.

Redesigns Conduct and Ethics process for protests and complaints.
2011 OKbridge increases Tournament Director staff.

Announces expanded master points tournament schedule.
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